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Posted on July 29, 2015

Machinarium Walkthrough // The Dump

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Machinarium Walkthrough The Dump Machinarium Walkthrough The Dump


Machinarium is a puzzle and brain teasing game I’ve been playing lately. Whilst going through my adventure, I wanted to write a walk through of each level. Enjoy!

Machinarium Walkthrough The Dump

Machinarium Walkthrough The Dump hint sheet


1. Click the rusty tub to reveal the body.

2. Click twice on the body to drop it to the head.

3. Click the head, this connects it to the body.

4. Extend the head and get the bear.

5. Give the bear to the mouse, the mouse will then bring your legs.

6. Get the magnet located near the fan.

7. Grab the string from the cotton wheel.

8. Combine the magnet and wheel within the inventory.

9. Click the pole so the robot bends it.

10. Use the string with the pole to get across.

11. Move to the right and exit the screen.

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Posted on July 24, 2015

App of the week: Down The Mountain

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Down The Mountain


Down the Mountain is a free game that I downloaded a week or so ago.

It’s the perfect app for those looking for an addictive game that can pass the time – each game usually lasts only a few seconds so it’s perfect for being stuck in queues, waiting for the bus or a good game to play when adverts are on.

The concept is simple – to get down the mountain.

Each level gives you a ‘quest’ or task to complete. These can be quests such as jump on a certain type of tile, use one of the new characters or even get poisoned.

Some levels can be really easy, or some can be hard.

I love the look of the game, it’s very Minecraft-esque with blocks you jump down diagonally. Different blocks do different things, you can get poisoned, set off a bomb, get stuck to toast and there’s even a block that changes the direction of the controls.

What apps are you loving lately?

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain



Posted on July 16, 2015

Why I switched from Windows to Macs.

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Ahhhh, the great debate. This post was actually requested by a reader who wanted to know what’s so great about Apple computers.

Windows vs Macs. 

It seems there’s a camp of people who are 100% for Macs, a camp that are 100% Windows and a camp that own Windows computers but want Macs.

I bought my first Mac late 2012. It’s the desktop computer I still use today. It’s a Mac mini which, in my opinion, is a great first time Mac for someone not wanting to spend £1000 on a computer. Mine cost around £600 and you can get a basic one for £399.

Mac Mini’s are just the actual computer, so you need a screen, keyboard and mouse for them.

I was already using a 32 inch TV on my previous computer, so I just used a HDMI cable to connect my Mac. I also used my USB keyboard and mouse I already had for the first few months.

I then took the plunge and after months and months of thinking about it, I bought my MacBook Pro in February 2014. It was a refurbished one from eBay and cost £600.

And I’ve never looked back.


Here are the reasons I love Mac computers much more than PCs that run on Windows.

  • Macs are smooth. They freeze less often, they boot quickly and it’s easy to switch between programs without causing the world to end.
  • Macs can open PDFs without causing the world to end.
  • PCs start to lag very quickly. With a Mac, it’s like turning on a new computer every time.
  • Macs look beautiful.
  • PC’s become full of adware and viruses quickly. It’s very rare for a Mac to get a virus.
  • Browsers on PC’s easily pick up tool bars and programs which change things such like default search engine, show adverts and links. And they’re difficult to remove.
  • They work seamlessly with my iPads and iPhone. All my e-mails, iMessages and notes all sync up. I can easily switch from texting some from my phone, to my computer and then to an iPad.

You can buy a PC cheap. And it’s true that you can get much more memory, storage and more for your money with windows computer. But the thing is, they just don’t last.

With Macs, you don’t need the top model to get a smooth user experience. Even the entry level ones, like my Mac mini, can last you years without causing you problems.

Are you a Mac user or a Windows user?


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