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Posted on December 27, 2016

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Posted on October 3, 2016

Xbox Games with Gold October 2016


5 things (97)

The best part of the month is seeing what games you can download for free with Games with Gold on Xbox.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 13.32.55 Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 13.33.04

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Available: 01/10 – 31/10

I’m not much if a baseball fan, but this game is said to have accurate physics and many stats to track. You can play on your own, against friends, in co-op mode of against the computer.

The Escapists

Available: 16/10 – 15/11

This is a prison escape game. The objective is simple, escape prison. In between planning your escape, you’ll be doing your daily chores and living out prison life.

MX vs ATV Reflex

Available: 1/10 – 15/10

This is a duel control motorbike game that lets you control the bike separately from the rider – which means you can not only dodge bad accidents but do some amazing freestyle tricks.

I Am Alive

Available: 16/10 – 31/10

The world as we knew it ended a year ago and almost everyone has been wiped out. You’re playing a man who is trying to find his wife and daughter in a world where the air is barely breathable, full of crumbling ruins and armed gangs and people that are only out for themselves.

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Posted on September 2, 2016

Xbox Games With Gold September 2016


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One of my favourite things about Xbox Gold is that every month, they have free games to download.

When I got my Xbox One last year, I told myself I wouldn’t buy any more games until I had completed the 3 I bought with it.

Call it a loophole.

Xbox Games With Gold September 2016

Some of the games are naff, some are good. But it’s always good to try new things. That’s what she said!

Here are the games you can download this month and a bit about them.

Xbox One.

Earthlock: Festival Of Magic – Available September 1st – 30th. 

This is an Indie RGP Game that lets you explore the beautiful world of Umbra in this fantasy, hero-type game.

Assasins Creed Chronicles: China – Available September 16th – October 15th.

Set in 16th century China, you’ll be seeking Shao Jun’s vengeance on the Chinese Emperor in this very well known stealth game.

Xbox 360.

Forza Horizon – Available September 1st – 15th.

I was dating a boy once who was obsessed with this game. I’ve never played it myself, now I get to see what all the fun is about in this open-world street racing game.

Mirrors Edge – Available September 16th – 30th

In a world where freedom has been exchanged for a comfortable life, play Faith, to adventure around this oppressive world to uncover a conspiracy.

What games are you most excited for?

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Posted on August 7, 2016

5 Smartphone Games That Are Better Than Pokémon Go

games/ phones

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You might have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here. Since my 30th birthday at the start of the month, things have been non-stop. Running 3 websites is hard work when you work full time, have a life and move house. So when I got an e-mail asking if someone could guest post on here, I thought why not. I don’t usually accept guest posts, but thought I should be open to the idea seeing as I’ve not updated this site myself in so long! Hope you enjoy. This is a free contribrution to the site. 


Image courtesy of

Pokémon Go is in the midst of unparalleled success. People are calling the technology behind it life-changing and the game literally inspires stampedes. Niantic’s servers are overwhelmed on a regular basis. Is it any surprise why many game developers are now rushing to create their own Augmented Reality (AR) games? While Pokémon Go might have brought the idea of AR into the mainstream, it isn’t the first smartphone game that has utilized this technology. In fact, I dare say there are better games that you should take a look at.


Created by Niantic (the developer of Pokémon Go), Ingress is a GPS-location based game where players have to build and hack portals in order to defeat the opposing faction. The battle takes place in the real world and players must travel to destinations on the map to hack enemy portals. When players build their own portals, these locations will then pop up on their enemy’s map. At this point, players must work to defend their positions.

Regardless of the faction you choose, you will have access to a global playing field and can further your goals by grouping up with people in your area. In order to achieve victory, you need to cooperate with other members of your group by completing quests, capturing territory and uncovering the mystery behind the game. The game requires a high amount of cooperation and strategy to complete missions. This makes it an incredibly deep and engaging experience.


Ever wanted to be a ghost hunter? Well now you can experience it first hand with SpekTrek. The app accesses your GPS and location to map out all of the ghosts in your area. It’s up to you to hunt down and catch these virtual ghosts.

This is a simple navigation game when you think about it, but as you delve deeper you realize that it’s a fitness app in disguise. The game tracks the amount of distance you’ve traveled, your habits and even total calories burned. The further you travel and more ghosts you capture, the higher your level. It’s a great game for the whole family as you can plan out your route together while also getting some much needed fresh air.

Iron HUD – Augmented Reality Iron Man Edition

If you want to be Iron Man, the Iron HUD is for you. This game puts you inside the cockpit of the Iron Man suit and adds a Heads Up Display (HUD) onto your screen via the built-in camera on your phone. Want to hear what Jarvis has to say? Simply tap the left HUD icon. Tapping the center icon will fire a repulsor shot while holding it down will convert power to the Chest RT. The right icon allows you cycle through different modes. It’s simple to use and a lot of fun.

Yet what’s the point of seeing the world through the eyes of Iron Man if you can’t do everything he can? While the app doesn’t literally give you the ability to fly, it does feature a flight mode where you can control the camera. You can even do some target practice with an in-app purchase. It’s a fairly simple idea, but some of the more dedicated fans have used the app to actually experience scenes from the comic books and movies.

Warp Runner

This neat little AR game turns a flat surface into a mini puzzle/platform arena. It’s up to you to guide your robot safely to the exit. To play you slide between the real world and the puzzle game to solve the puzzles and create a path for freedom. It’s clear the developers didn’t simply throw together a game simply for the novelty of AR. They really took the time to polish the mechanics and design of the game to create a truly innovative experience.

While there are only 16 puzzles, it’s a fun and quirky little game that’s perfect for when you have some downtime at work. What makes this game even better is the fact that it’s completely free. You don’t even need to contend with intrusive ads or in-app purchases!

Zombies Everywhere

Star in your own version of The Walking Dead by playing Zombies Everywhere. This AR game places virtual zombies in the real world wherever you point your camera. You need to survive the massive zombie horde for as long as possible. Luckily, you’ve got a cache of weapons that includes a flamethrower, minigun and an always popular shotgun. You’ll also run into more enemy types than the standard shambling zombie.

The more zombies you defeat, the more weapons you unlock and more new enemies appear. If you’re not in the mood to fight but want to see what a zombie apocalypse might look like, you can turn the game on safe mode and treat the world as your playground.

Staying Safe with AR

If you’ve taken a look at Pokémon Go in the news, you’ve probably noticed plenty of stories about the dangers of the game and people running into dangerous situations by following a trail of Pokémon. Most of these problems would apply to any VR game. While some of the news stories are exaggerated, you should make sure to protect yourself by keeping the following in mind:

  • You’ll want to keep your eyes on your surroundings at all times. Criminals are starting to know what to look for and will take advantage of people who look distracted.
  • Avoid restricted or otherwise dangerous territory, even if the in-game rewards are enticing.
  • Be careful about what internet connections you use. Public networks are almost never safe and using them unprotected can easily lead to identity theft. You should probably use security software as well as a Virtual Private Network to encrypt your connection (Secure Thoughts has a deeper explanation).
  • Be careful about the money you’re spending. Some game developers are more consumer-friendly than others.

There are dozens of AR games available on the app stores in case you get tired of Pokémon Go. We can be certain many more will be making their way onto the market over the next year. Do you know of any other great AR games for smartphones? Any thoughts on the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Author: Caroline is a technology and entertainment writer. She loves seeing how game developers are utilizing augmented reality to change the way people play games.

Posted on June 6, 2016

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox One)


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox One) review

One of the best things about Xbox Gold is that they have a handful of games that are free to download every month. Last month, I downloaded Sherlock Holmes: Crime and punishments.

In the game, you play Sherlock and solve cases. There are 6 cases to be solved all together.

To solve the cases, you visit crime scenes, interrogate characters and take profile notes of the suspects in order to piece together the guilty character.

I love games like this and love the feeling of figuring something out by clues. The game is beautifully designed and the graphics are lovely.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox One) review Though there are some negatives in the game. The controls feel clunky at times and the load times between location are painful.

Sometimes it can be a bit unclear how to use the menu, too. When you gather evidence, when you interrogate people and find clues, it call gets logged for you to access and go through, prompting you what you should be doing next, although this didn’t feel very natural and it wasn’t until I got to the end of the first case I realise there were prompts within this menu to help me solve the case.

At the end of the case, you can reveal if you were right or not. Or you can go on and reveal if you were right at the end of the whole game. It also compares your choice with other players.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox One) reviewOverall, the game is okay. Though if someone was to ask me for a crime investigation game, I’d recommend LA Noire for much better game play. I know a lot of people didn’t enjoy that game when it came out a few years ago, I loved it!

What are your favourite crime investigation games?

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Posted on May 24, 2016

3 Scary Xbox One Games I want for my 30th Birthday


xbox horror games

Help. I’m almost 30.

Wishlist time!

There’s a few games being released on the 1st July – exactly one day before my big three-oh.

I’ve always been a fan of scary, creepy games. Check out the trailers for the three I have my eye on.

  • Joe’s Diner
  • Pineview Drive
  • 7 Days to Die

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Posted on February 17, 2016

Dungeon Boss // App of the week

apps/ games

dungeon boss review

This is just a first impressions look of the game Dungeon Boss. I was on the bike at the gym the other week when I remembered how much Candy Crush made the time go faster, so decided to download a new game to play on my phone while cycling.

Dungeon Boss is a mobile RPG that will bring back nostalgia.

Dungeon BossYou battle your way through various levels defeating enemies with a boss at the end of each one. There’s spoils, of course. There’s always spoils. Cash, potions and more.

It’s similar to Pokemon or Final Fantasy in combat style – which each character taking a turn and causing most damage to the enemy using basic and special moves.

Dungeon BossThe characters can gain points and level up and the enemies also get stronger as you go through the game.

Your XP does run out though and takes time to charge, but after playing for 30 minutes on the first time, my XP still hadn’t run out so you get plenty of free game play before you have to wait for it to recharge or pay for me.

It’s a great game, you should try it. It’s fun.

Dungeon Boss

Dungeon BossDungeon BossDungeon Boss

Let’s do this again soon. Same time next week? OKAY.


Posted on January 13, 2016

Super Loot Crate January 2016

games/ geek

Super Loot Crate January 2016

I first heard about loot crates like this on YouTube, when one of the YouTubers I watched was unboxing one over in the US. I was tempted ever since and while browsing the internets, I came across Super Loot crates and decided to give one ago.

Super Loot crates are basically like a subscription box, you get geeky or gamer products and merchandise in the boxes for £14.99.

Here’s what I got.

Super Loot Crate January 2016

Super Loot Crate January 2016

Super Loot Crate January 2016

The first thing that jumped out at me was this BATMAN MASK. Yes. I love Batman. Well, actually that’s a lie. I don’t actually know much about the batman, but my old manager used to call me Batman because of all the things I juggle at once. So I’m fond of Batman.

Super Loot Crate January 2016

SWWWEEEEEEETTTS. I’m on a diet. Go away.

Super Loot Crate January 2016

YES! I diamond pickaxe! I’m totally putting this on my keys to look super cool alongside my Minecraft diamond necklace. This makes me feel sad for the whole summer I lost to Minecraft. And even sadder for the massive castle I spent months building, then the file corrupted.

Super Loot Crate January 2016

A Naruto clan headband! Um, I already have one of these. This is awkward. We went through a Naruto phase a few years back. Well, I stopped watching it after the first 6 seasons about my housemates still watch Naruto now.

Super Loot Crate January 2016

I had no idea what this was, I had to get on the old Google to figure it out. I believe it’s a character from a game/Marvel thing called Deadpool. Now I kind of want to play the game so I can wear the tshirt knowing what it means, ha.

Super Loot Crate January 2016

Super Loot Crate January 2016

MARIO SLIPPERS! These actually weren’t in the crate as they are clearly too big. But I love them. I don’t even want to wear them because I don’t want to spoil them. They’re wonderful!

Ok so yes, that’s what I got in the Super Loot crate. It was fun times. 😀


Posted on December 30, 2015

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360


My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360

I really enjoy last weeks post where I spoke about my favourite video games growing up. Because I loved it so-oh-oh (yeah, I dunno what that was either), I wanted to do another one featuring my favourite Xbox 360 games.

I went a few years between video game obsessions. When I got the Xbox 360 about 5 years ago, I hadn’t been playing many video games since I lived in France in 2007 and bought a Nintento DS.

People ALWAYS ask me what my favourite games are and I can never pick just one. I end up listing a few, then this reminds me of more. Before I know it, I’ve ran out of fingers to count on.

So here we have it, my favourite games for the Xbox 360.

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360

Assassins Creed 2.

I actually like the first and the second ones just as much as each other. I’m a sucker for collecting things, so had to go around and find all the flags to unlock the achievements.

I loved the Assassins games, but after playing the first 4, I started to get bored of how repetitive the quests are.

Also the the catacombs challenges are always so hard and stress me out. Ha.

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360


I love all three of the Bioshock games. The storyline is amazing and I love how creepy they are. The little sisters, big daddies, adam, eve.. it’s so creative, a bit sick and so much fun to play.

The soundtrack of the game is perfect.

I’ve still to complete Bioshock Infinite though, but I’m about 95% through the game.

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360

Fable 2.

I’m not sure if I prefer Fable 2 or 3. They’re both fun to play but Fable 2 was the first game I played on my Xbox and it has a special place in my heart.

I loved having the dog too.

This is basically my ideal game – it’s not too long, has plenty of optional things to do, such as collection items, and has a fantastic storyline. AND DOG.

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360

Elder Scrolls // Oblivion

I sunk so many hours into this game. It’s the only game I managed to unlock every single achievement for, haha.

I actually got to the final before my character was strong enough, so had to go to a previous save point to level up to complete the game. Elder Scrolls is amazing. I’m also a massive fan of Skyrim, but I’ve not completed it!

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360

Dragon Age 2

This is another game that is pretty much made for me, like Fable 2.

I played the first one, but found it quite confusing as there was A LOT to read. I get put off with too much reading. The second game was much less confusing and felt easier to figure out where to go next to progress. I spent a lot of time confused about what I should do next in the first one.

I also loved how you could build relationships with people and make them fall in love with you, haha.

This game was over too soon. I have the third game in the series but it seems to play more like the first one than the second and it isn’t holding my attention as much at all.

My Favourite Video Games for Xbox 360

Batman Arkham Asylum

Is it bad to fancy a video game character? Ugh, Batman’s voice. I love him.

This game was visually appealing and just beautiful to play. The controls are so easy and the story line kept me interested throughout the whole game!

I bought Akrham City when it came out but I got to a point I was stuck at and I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch.

I love the Batman games though and I’m dying to play Arkham Knight.. but I’ve promised myself I need to play the games I have first!

What are your favourite games?


Posted on December 23, 2015

My favourite video games during childhood

featured/ games

favourite childhood video games

Ohh video games.

Christmas always reminds me of video games, as I often would get games consoles or games for presents. My parents have given me over the years:

  • Yellow original size game boy
  • Sega mega drive
  • Playstation 1

My brothers also had games consoles, so I basically grew up watching them play the Sega Master System and being the annoying little sister that wanted to try and play!

childhood video games

Here are some of my favourite games I played while growing up:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

We had this built into the Sega Master system and it was my favourite game. I remember my brothers being really good at it, but I wasn’t great at getting past the first level! I’ve played it online since, as there are some sites that let you, and I’m still not much better! Those stupid birds always kill me!

Super Mario Brothers 2

I had this on my big yellow game boy and I remember this one so well, because unlike the first Mario game where when you got game over, you had to start again, this one saved your progress so you could just select continue and re-start the level.

I was so close to completing this, with only the last level to go! I think I got to the last boss a couple of times but could never complete it.


This is another Gameboy game that my friend had, but I used to borrow it all the time. I don’t know why it was so addictive, but it just was!


This is one of the games that came with my Playstation 1 when I got it for Christmas and I loved it! I’ve spoken to a few people about it since but not many people seem to know it.

It’s a platform game with a girl and a jester. I would LOVE to be able to play this game again!

Donkey Kong

This is another game that I loved on the Gameboy. I loved how the game cartridges were yellow, just like my Gameboy. I think I had Donkey Kong 1, 2 and 3 and spent hours playing them.

Kirby’s Dream Land.

This was another of my friends games. Well, it was actually her younger brothers. It’s a really simple game, a big pink round thing that just went around sucking things up and spitting them out at enemies to kill them.


This is one of the first games on PC that I played. My friends had it at their hours and we used to go over and play. We loved it how they would shout kamikaze and all the cute phrases they came out with!

Crash Bandicoot.

My all time favourite game on the Playstation 1. The first one was actually the best – even though I did have the others. I think I like this one the most because before I had my own Playstation, I used to play it at one of my friends house and we would take it in turns – handing over the controller whenever one of us died.


I spent HOURS on Tekken on my Playstation 1. I also remember playing it with my brothers quite a bit, as well as friends.

At uni, we had a PS2 and would play it then – the best thing about it is that you just hit all the buttons and get combos, so most of the time we could win the boys who were pro’s at video games!

Street Fighter.

This is a game I had on my Master System and again, I loved it! Button bashing games are clearly something I have a talent for, as that’s basically what this game was all about.


Now I feel all nostalgic!

What were your favourite games growing up?


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