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Posted on November 8, 2015

The Cave // Game Review

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The Cave game Review

The Cave is a puzzle/platform game that was released in 2013, published by Sega. You can get it on the Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo eShop, Playstation Network or from Apple’s App store.

I downloaded this from the App store and played it on my desktop.

It’s an interesting story that starts with seven characters on the screen and the amusing voice over tells you about each one.

You then get to select three characters which you will then play with, taking them through the cave.

Each character has an ability that will help them through their section of the game. As you can only pick three out of seven of the characters, you can only explore all the cave if you play multiple times with different characters.

It’s a puzzle game where you click with objects to interact and fit things together, or move things to progress.

It’s a simple, yet visually appealing game with a funny voice over that keeps it interesting.

I’ve only played through once so far and while some people have previously criticised the game for being too simple and relying too much one the visual beauty than the game play, I have to disagree.

But then again, I’m hardly your hardcore gamer, so maybe some of the things I struggled with would have been obvious to others.

Either way, I enjoyed this game, I liked how each character had their own little story line and chapter and the voice over was fantastic – not like something I have heard before in a video game!

Well done, Sega!

The Cave game Review The Cave game Review The Cave game Review The Cave game Review


Posted on October 28, 2015

What I’m currently playing // xbox one

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xbox games

Oops, a month or so ago I did something terrible.

I ordered an Xbox. A complete impulse buy.

After the amount of time I’ve sunk into my Xbox 360, I’ve been putting off buying the new console because I honestly don’t have time to play for hours a day!

favourite xbox games

I’ve only got 3 games so far and I’ve told myself I can’t buy any more until I’ve played the a decent amount of these! So here are the games I’ve got so far and my first impressions.

DSC_0179Elder Scrolls Online

I’m in love with the Elder Scrolls series. I love this style of game play, where you can level up, gain abilities and do side quests that will keep you going for months.

I put hours and hours into Oblivion, it’s the only game I’ve ever completed where I’ve got 100% achievements.  I also spent around 100 hours on Skyrim before blogging came and took my attention away from video games!

This is an online version of the game that is set 1000 years before Skyrim and features Skyrim, Morrowind and Daggerfall.

I’ve only spent a couple of hours playing so far but I’m excited to see how the online aspect of this will play out! I’ve come across a few other players but I’ve yet to actually interact with them.


Dragon Age Inquisition. 

Dragon age 2 is probably one of my favourite games. The storyline was easy to understand (complicated stories in video games get lost on me as I hate to read lots of text) and the navigation of quests was easy. I played and completed the game in about 2 days.

Dragon Age Inquisition seems to be more like the original game, so far. I’m finding it hard to get into the storyline and progress through the game. Though I’ve only been playing for about 2-3 hours, I’ve decided I’m going to push through and try to get this game completed so I can then put all my effort into the Elder Scrolls.

First impressions are that the map system is complicated, as the abilities and level up systems – but hopefully this will get easier when I’ve had more in game time.

I love how the characters are familiar though and the ability to switch between different people and revive each other if one dies during battle.


Call Of Duty Advanced Warefare.

Oh, COD. How I love and hate you. Probably like most people.

What I love about Call of Duty is that you can nip on for a quick game if you don’t have too much time, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours on it.

You do, however, have to spend hours and hours on it if you want to be any good.

I’ve lost a lot of my mad skillllzzz and my death to kill ratio hasn’t been great! I’ve not played it since Black Ops 2 a few years ago and a lot has changed.

The exo boost system is mad. I just feel like I keep getting shot by magical flying men! I’ve been playing in local play on my own trying to get the shoot while jumping action down, but it’s not going great!

First impressions are that it’s a fun game, but I have no idea why hardly anyone plays kill confirmed, which is my favourite game to play! I just seem to sit on the lobby on my own and then give up and go play domination.

The maps aren’t my favourite, but I’ve been having fun with my experience so far!

xbox games

What have you been playing lately?


Posted on October 18, 2015

Evoland // Game Review

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Evoland review

I have no idea what I was getting myself into when I downloaded Evoland from the Mac App Store.

After getting some iTunes vouchers, I knew I wanted to play some form of platformer game on my desktop and this sounded intriguing.

The concept of Evoland is simple – it starts off as a very early style video game in black and white, almost the type of game you would play on the original Gameboy, and as you progress through the game and collect stars, the game starts to evolve into something more like the video games today.

You gain better sound, better graphics, the way your hit points are measures changes..

It’s like a mix between Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Skyrim all in one. It even has some cool hidden jokes and references in there that certainly kept me amused!

The game isn’t very long, after a couple of evenings I found myself at the final boss.

If you’re looking for some nostalgia, a short but amusing story line, then this game is for you.

Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review Evoland review


Posted on September 13, 2015

Machinarium Walkthrough // The Ending






1. Use the control panel on your left to make the sound.

2. Use the hint sheet if you’re stuck.

3. When the stairs and switch pop out, click the female robot to lock them in place.

4. Go up the stairs and escape to end the game.


Posted on September 11, 2015

Machinarium Walkthrough // The Sunken Room





1. Move to the hammer and use it on the circle of glass to it’s right.

2. Get the key and go back to the lift.

3. Use it in the locked cupboard on the right and get the freeze spray.

4. Go back to the sunken room and use the spray on the padlock.

5. Use the hammer on the padlock.

6. When the water drains, go up the ladder and grab the girl.

7. You’ll go back to the dome – click the orange screen on the right.

8. Set the frequency at 7.0 and 108.

9. Remember those sounds – now exit on your left.

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Posted on September 9, 2015

Machinarium Walkthrough // The Dome



dome2 <img class="alignnone wp-image-196 size-full" src="" alt="dome3" width="600" height="406" srcset=" 600w,×203 como y donde comprar viagra.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />

1. Go to the cabinet on the left and open it.

2. Move the green dots to the green section – use the hint sheet above to help.

3. You’ll get the extension cord when complete.

4. Use the cord on the robot to activate a came in his brain – first kind the key, get the gun and then shoot the viruses.

5. When you’ve got rid of all the viruses, he’ll give you a bulb.

6. Go back down to the lift and make the diagram he told you to, then exit the lift.

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Posted on September 6, 2015

Machinarium // The Foyer and Bathroom







1. Turn the electric on with the control panel on the right.

2. Move to the left and push the switch several times until the hoover goes into the next room.

3. Follow the hoover into the bathroom and climb on it, grab the scissors.

4. Move the hoover under the light.

5. Turn the electric off.

6. Climb onto the hoover and use the scissors on the light.

7. Climb down and use the light on the hoover to attach it.

8. Turn the electric back on and move the hoover back into the bathroom.

9. Go into the bathroom and use the light with the toilet.

10. Go back to the switch to move the hoover towards you to pull the toilet out.

11. Go to the bathroom and use the toilet paper.

12. Swing onto the bomb.

13. Open the control panel and remove the fuses and put them in the order according to the hint sheet above.

14. Close the door and go up the stairs.

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Posted on September 4, 2015

Machinarium // The Other Lift




1. Put soil on the floor from the plant, this will trigger a hoover to come out.

2. Pick him up and take the bulb.

3. Go over to the control panel and put the bulb in the slot at the top right.

4. Make a star as per the hint sheet.

5. The elevator will move, go to the bottom to exit.

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Posted on August 30, 2015

Machinarium Walkthrough // The Roof and Greenhouse


greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse2 greenhouse3

1. You need to get past the fan, click the fan and answer each question wrong.

2. This makes the fan angry and blows faster – eventually the engine will blow out.

3. Click the pipe to enter the green house.

4. Pick the stick from the first plant.

5. Use the control panel on the wall and make the lights go green on the first three lights using the hint sheet above to help.

6. Click the main switch within the control panel and this will give the gun power making the large plant grow.

7. Go up the stairs and use the stick on the flower to hold it open. Click the flower and pull out the magnifying glass.

8. Use the glass on the butterfly and remember the sequence for later.

9. Go down the stairs and use the magnifying glass on the projector.

10. Take the second draw and use it in the projector.

11. Go back to the control panel and complete the other three puzzles as per the hint sheet above.

12. activate the switch to turn on the projector.

13. Use the plant and put it in the empty pot.

14. Move the gun over to the plant.

15. Go back to the control panel and use the first switch to activate the gun to make the plant glow.

16. Use the plant and get sunflower seeds.

17. Click the panel on the left wall and put the pattern on the butterfly you saw before.

18. This will open the door and you can exit.

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Posted on August 28, 2015

Machinarium Walkthrough // The Lift and Kitchen




Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 20.35.56

1. Go up the ladder and go down the fountain.

2. Open the door and go down the lift.

3. Press the red button on the wall to go down.

4. Click on the window and talk to the other robot.

5. You’ll act as the other robot to open the cabinet, and pick up the corn.

6. Click the boiling pot and put it on the floor.

7. Use the corn on the hot plate.

8. Click the window and go back outside.

9. Pick the hook from the fall when it floors and use it with the window.

10. Click the window to control the other robot again.

11. Climb on the pot and use the hook on the air conditioning to open it.

12. Use it again to pull down the pipes.

13. Put the pot back on the hot plate.

14. Use the pipes with the pot and form rubber pipes.

15. Use the pipe with the oil dispenser on the left.

16. Use the pull chord on the lift.

17. Use the control panel and solve the puzzle using the hint sheet above.

18. Click on the lever to take the lift upwards.

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