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Posted on October 17, 2016

Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse // Review

computers/ tech

Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review I was recently sent the Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse to review.

The mouse is designed to allow you to perform movements on your computer while using your body parts designed for these types of moments. Rather than using shoulders and arms in an unnatural and healthy position, the Penclic B2 lets you use your fingers to carry out these movements to help reduce the likelihood of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review

I love the packaging of the product, it’s encased in a cylinder tube that is easily put back together – handy if you want to sell the product at a later date.

The Penclic Mouse comes with a start-up guide and a troubleshooting leaflet. In typical electronics style, both guides had many languages. Despite the size of the leaflet, there wasn’t much information at all. I ended up going on the Penclic website to download the startup guide which included more detail with pictures.

Hey, I need pictures because I’m a useless girl. Don’t judge me, okay?

Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review

The box also includes a pouch which is home to the USB port and rechargeable battery.

You put the battery in the bottom of the pen and plug the USB cable in to charge it. The light on the front flashes green when charging. It then has a continuous green light once fully charged.

To connect it, you press a button underneath to connect the device by Bluetooth.

I’m not going to lie, I found it hard connecting the mouse. It didn’t seem to like my computer. I then dropped it by accident and the pen fell out of its socket. I pushed it back in and then it seemed to work. Maybe the fall did it good, ha! It doesn’t seem damaged at all by the little accident.

Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review

Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review

penclic mouse b2 penclic mouse b2

Overall, the pen looks great on the desk although it’s quite awkward to use. It’s nicer to use than a traditional mouse, but I think I still prefer my track pad on my Mac over the pen as I’m used to the shortcuts and everything already.

I think it would take a few weeks of using it to fall in love and because I don’t suffer from any pains due to my excessive computer use, I don’t quite need to do this yet, but it’s good to know I have the option.

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Posted on October 12, 2016

Update required // Remind me NEVER


i hate updating my phone

I have a confession.

It’s almost as bad as how I never safely remove USB sticks. I just yank those fuckers right out of there. That’s what she said. 

So today I’ve finally given up to my iPhone. After weeks and weeks of pressing ‘remind me later’ several times a day, I’ve finally updated the new iOS.


I hate updates.

Not only does this mean I have to be without my phone for several minutes. Which only ever happens when I’m asleep. It also a great risk. The greatest of risk.

I’ve heard tales about it. From my friend.

She updated once and it ended in chaos.

She lost every single one of her photos.

Every single photo and video of her cat as a kitten.

Of course, I had half of them on my phone because that’s what girls do. Send each other photos of their kittens. Or something like that. But look how adorable he is:


So now on top of having to spend time without my phone, I risk losing 30k photos. Yes. That’s how many photos I have. This is also why I need to get the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. Becuase my 128GB one clearly isn’t enough.

It’s not just my phone I have this issue with.

But everything.

Apps. My Mac. My Xbox.

I turned my Mac on this morning and it’s like TIME TO UPDATE and I’m like REMIND ME LATER. Raging that there’s no remind me NEVER option.

Why hasn’t this option been invented yet?

Xbox is the worst because there’s no remind me later options.

It’s either update RIGHT NOW. Or you die.

Okay, so you don’t die. But you have to update there and then. And they take forever. I only wanted to play a few rounds of COD and have a few beers. By the time the update is complete, I’m too wasted to aim properly.

There is no point to this post.

I just wanted to tell you that updates ruin my life.

The end.

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Posted on July 7, 2016

Kitting out my new flat


new flat gadgets

Oh no.

Where have I been?

This blogs neglected when I’m busy, though I still have been posting regularly over on my lifestyle and fitness blog. So don’t hate me too much.

Thing is, I’m moving house. I’ve just signed a contract that starts next week and I’ll be getting the keys on Friday.

My own pad. I’m getting my own place!

Of course, this means I’m dying to kit it out in new, amazing tech. So here’s some of the things I’ve been looking at on Amazon lately:

new flat gadgets

Tell me what tech things you’ve got your eye one lately!

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Posted on June 23, 2016

PicLight Editor


piclight review

If you’re a fan of online image editors like PicMonkey, PicLight is ideal for you.

It’s a simple picture editor which lets you play with the colours of a photo, the brightness, has filters and you can add things such as lens flares and other graphics to the image.

It’s easy to use and it’s great for enhancing your photos before sticking them online!

It’s only £1.99 from the Mac App store, so check it out if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to edit your photos!

See the photos below for the interface of PicLight and some of the edits I’ve done in around a minute!

piclight review

piclight review

piclight review

piclight review

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Posted on May 15, 2016

Digital Fitness Tech Is Making Us Healthier



I’m a frequent user of fitness tech – FitBit, Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Garmin Run Tracker, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun.. and for me, it motivates me to train harder and more frequently.

Recently, the TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), who were the official technology partner of the Virgin London Marathon, announced the results of the first ever TCS Digital Fitness Survey.

The research reveals how the widespread use of fitness applications and wearable technology is boosting the health and activity levels of the British public.

TCS surveyed 2,000 British recreational athletes to examine the impact that digital fitness technologies, such as smartphone applications and wearable fitness trackers, are having on the UK’s health and fitness.


Key findings from the research include:

  • 82 percent of those surveyed now use some kind of fitness technology, including smartphone apps, fitness trackers, wearable devices, GPS trackers and heart-rate monitors
  • Three quarters of those surveyed say they exercise more since using fitness technology; one in ten say they exercise at least twice as frequently, with a quarter exercising at least once more per week
  • Four in ten people say that since using fitness technology to track activity, they will take the stairs instead of using a lift or escalator. Women are significantly more likely to do this (49 percent) than men (37 percent)
  • The survey found that men are likely to spend more than women. The average male runner has spent £93 on fitness technology overall, compared to £72 for the average female.
  • Despite a perception that fitness technology is used to brag about exercise on social media, just 18 percent of respondents said that have shared their fitness data on social media: men are more likely to do this than women (21 percent compared to 16 percent)
  • One in ten people have put their fitness tracker on their pet to make it look like they have taken more steps or travelled further; equally, 10 percent of people admit to putting their fitness tracker on a child to boost their statistics

About the research

The TCS Digital Fitness Survey is based on a survey of 2,000 UK recreational runners. The fieldwork was conducted by Censuswide in March 2016.

I’ve spent quite a bit on fitness technology! I was sent my Fitbit to review, but I bought a heart rate monitor and a Garmin watch for running. I’m very tempted to get an Apple Watch, too!

I just love the personalised data, especially on my heart rate monitor. I hate going to the gym without it because it encourages me to push myself harder to keep my heart rate up, especially when doing weights.

I also do challenges on the FitBit app with friends, where we see who gets the most steps. It’s really motivating to get more steps in to beat a friend!

I’ve never thought about putting a fitness tracker on a pet though, haha.

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Posted on April 25, 2016

WhiteLabel MusicJogger Wireless Bluetooth Review


WhiteLabel MusicJogger Wireless Bluetooth

I have small ears donde se compra el viagra. This makes earphones hard for me because they are too small to fit ear buds in them. I’ve always had to hook them over my ears and let them rest in place because otherwise, they hurt and fall out.

At the gym, I’ve been wearing headphones so I don’t have this problem. But the wire has been bothering me on the treadmill and stair master. It’s just always in the way and I find myself wrapping it around my hand or something and worried it’s going to get caught and drag my phone down. So I decided to invest in some wireless bluetooth headphones.

I decided on the WhiteLabel MusicJogger Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, mostly because they were cheap. I did have some people advice I get some expensive ones but I’m not going to spend over £100 on headphones that I take to the gym and leave knocking about in my gym bag. Just noooooo.

I’m not really bothered about brands or names, I just want some headphones that work! I’d rather chance it with some cheap ones than pay for expensive ones only to have them break after I put them through hell.

And you know what? I’m glad I did.

WhiteLabel MusicJogger Wireless Bluetooth

These bluetooth headphones are available in a few colours and even fold to fit in your bag better. They have a playback time of 6 hours according to the box and this seems pretty accurate to me.

I’ve been using my headphones for almost 3 weeks now, working out 4-5 times a week for around 1hr 30 each session and I’ve not had to recharge the headphones once.

It’s easy to connect the headphones to your phone – you turn them on by holding the phone button, then press it three times while searching for a device on your phone and then connect to it.

Once they’re paired, you don’t need to keep going in and syncing it every time you use them. You simply turn them on and off you go.

You can control the volume and skip tracks using the earphones, too.

They don’t go over your head like normal, headphones, but they hook over your ears so the band goes around your head, which is a bit different but doesn’t feel as odd as you would thing. I’ve not had any issues with these falling off at all.

Going for the cheaper option really worked for me here! Hurrah!

WhiteLabel MusicJogger Wireless Bluetooth Sarah ‏@teachaholicblog 7h7 hours ago Events from last week have completely put me off social media and made me wanna stop blogging :( 0 retweets 1 like Sarah ‏@teachaholicblog 7h7 hours ago Events from last week have completely put me off social media and made me wanna stop blogging :( 0 retweets 1 like Sarah ‏@teachaholicblog 7h7 hours ago Events from last week have completely put me off social media and made me wanna stop blogging :( 0 retweets 1 like Sarah ‏@teachaholicblog 7h7 hours ago Events from last week have completely put me off social media and made me wanna stop blogging :( 0 retweets 1 like

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This post contains affiliate links. All views are my own. 

Posted on April 18, 2016

August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review


August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review

This is actually the 4th product by August that I’ve reviewed, the other three have been bluetooth speakers.

This time, I was given the choice of several products and I opted for this Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Phone Charger. For two reasons:

  1. Adjustable brightness
  2. USB port in the back to charge devices.

I have a million things that charge via USB. My Fitbit, my Garmin watch, my phone, my iPad, my portable phone charger, my Nintendo DS.. the list is endless. So having a lamp with my USB port seemed like the best option.

Initially, I was going to use it on my bedside table to charge my phone on a night. But I was tired of charging my phone away from my computer due to lack of USB ports and not having it to hand if it needed charging during the day. So I opted to put it on my desk so I could charge my phone right beside me.

Another reason is because I wanted to make my blogging area a bit more cosy. The adjustable brightness of the lamp really helps me out with that respect.

It’s all done by touch, too. You press the dot, which indicates how bright you want it, and on it turns. There are warmer, softer settings for more of an evening lamp feel, and really bright white settings for if you’re wanting to work.

It’s also available in black.

It’s a stylish lamp and I’m loving this new addition to my desk! Take a look for yourself!

August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review August LEC315Q LED Desk Lamp Review


This post contains affiliate links. All views are my own.


Posted on April 11, 2016

Portable Phone Charger

phones/ tech

EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh External Battery Brilliant Power Bank review

So I have a portable phone charger already, but it’s small and only charges my phone once. I wanted something a bit stronger for when I’m out and about. There’s nothing more doom than a dying phone.

I hopped onto Amazon and bought the EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh External Battery Brilliant Power Bank.

This little guy caught my eye because it has two USBs, meaning you can charge two devices at once. Not that I need two, but it’s aways handy if you have a friend in need!

It also has a charge indicator on it, so you can see how much charge is left.

Charge time is really fast. I find on my smaller charger or if I charge my phone on my computer, it seems to take longer. But if I charge my phone directly from a power plug, it takes almost no time at all to get to 100%. Charging with this device was the same, exactly like charging from a power plug.

I got 4 and a half full charges out of this for my iPhone 6S plus, which I’m happy with. It should charge standard iPhones 5-6 times.

Do you use an external charger?

EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh External Battery Brilliant Power Bank review EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh External Battery Brilliant Power Bank review EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh External Battery Brilliant Power Bank review  EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh External Battery Brilliant Power Bank review

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Posted on February 27, 2016

How mobile tech is helping our productivity at work



Earlier in the week, I spoke about how technology has changed our lives.

Technology on the go is one of those things that has changed my life the most. The way I use my phone has gone from just texting my friends, to managing my blog and I even use it in my full time job.

There are many ways I use my personal phone at work – I have my phone set up to my works e-mail account. I have a Whatsapp group with other managers so we can stay up to date. I have a Facebook group that all our store colleagues are connected to and share information. There’s even Facebook groups that are run by my company that all members of a certain department can join – if someone in Scotland has a problem, someone at a London store might be able to help them – and the responses are fast with about 3000 colleagues connected.

My company also have applications you can download. I have an app that gives me customers feedback and one that connects to the store ordering system so I can check stock levels and order more stock. I’ve been known to lay in bed on Saturday morning doing this as I’ve not had time on Friday.

It’s not always been like this. Up until about two years ago, we weren’t allowed to have our phones on us. As a manager, I’d have my phone in my pocket but I would never have it out. To be seen with your phone on you by a colleague was frowned upon. The whole ‘if you’re messing about on your phone, why can’t I’ debate. Even if you were messaging one of your members of staff trying to ask if they could cover a shift because of a sick call.

But a lot has changed over the past few years and we’re seeing more and more managers that are of the next generation. The ones that see the value in having information at your fingertips and are a lot more open minded about it.

We now can have our phone on us for work use. We encourage colleagues to do the same. If a customer asks a question, get your phone out and Google it.

But I guess this brings up the question is – are we merging our personal life and work life together? How easy is it to shut off when we leave work if were able to check e-mails so quickly, or our phones are buzzing with group chats amongst colleagues.

Take a look at this info graph to see the ways a mobile productive employee gets on with their life.

01 Mobile-Productive-Employee-Blue

I think it’s a great idea that more companies are allowing the use of mobile phones, because it’s made my work life so much easier, giving me more time to focus on customers and my staff. I just wish there was an easier way to switch off from work while at home though.

Another great way of getting access to all your information on the go is the virtual desktop. Although these haven’t really kicked off yet on a home life basis, I think in the future it will be something we’ll be seeing more and more of, especially for those that aren’t based in a particular office.

We actually run something very similar to a virtual desktop at work. I can walk into any store in the country and log onto to my stores account where there’s our e-mails and all our documents. So if I needed to get hold of a document to print, I could go to the nearest store to me and print it rather than having to drive 30 miles to the store I’m based at.

How do you use technology at your work?


Posted on February 24, 2016

Tech That Has Changed Our Lives


5 things (17)

It’s hard to imagine a life without technology.

It’s become such an essential part of our daily lives. My life revolves around my phone, my e-mails and Twitter. I even have specific apps that I use at work that connect stock ordering to my iPhone! A day without technology actually scares me. I know a lot of people talk about unplugging or taking a break from being online – but that’s just not my idea of fun.

When FlexEnable sent across this infograph, I was a bit shocked at how early some of the technology had developed!

I didn’t realise some of these things had been around so long, of course they didn’t go a part of our daily lives until much later, but it makes you wonder about the concepts we’re developing now and how long it will take them to integrate into our society.

Around the world infographic_white_Final


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